Perfectly arched eyebrows, beautifully defined Eye and flawlessly coloured Lip

It is not only about highlighting and enhancing natural beauty but also concealing problem areas in
the skin´s natural pigment. Since 1987 Conture® Makeup has been applied to thousands of satisfied clients that agree:
applying make up every morning is a thing of the past. Our Conture® Makeup method guarantees Precision, Perfection and Style - morning, noon and night.

LONG-TIME-LINER® is the world's best provider for semi permanent eyebrows, our hair stroke technique is the most natural looking enhancement for sparse or uneven brows. The semi permanent eyeliner adds fullness and defines the eyelashes, and our semi permanent lip color can blend into your natural lip for subtle results or be bright or bold as lipstick. We also provide medical pigmentation services to mask problem zones for the skin.

Cosmetic or Medical Treatment - we can do both.


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